Create with the Seasons in Life’s Milestones

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Su Mei Tan

16 August 2023

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Greetings from The Tearapy Post!

Life is a journey marked by the creation of various milestones that shape our experiences and define our sense of accomplishment. Just as nature has its changing seasons, our productivity also ebbs and flows throughout different phases of our lives. By recognizing and embracing these natural cycles of productivity, we can navigate our journey more gracefully and optimize our efforts to achieve success and fulfillment. In this article, we’ll explore how aligning with the seasons of productivity in our life milestones can lead to a more balanced and effective approach to achieving our goals. These seasons can be literal (according to the cycle of nature where we live), metaphorical (linked to our position in life), or biological (our body clock, menstrual cycle and circadian rhythm).


1. Spring: Planting Seeds of Inspiration

Spring marks the beginning of growth and renewal. Similarly, in our personal and professional lives, there are seasons when we are bursting with fresh ideas and inspiration. During these periods:

Explore Creativity: Allow yourself to explore new ideas and concepts without judgment. Brainstorm and dream without limitations.

Set Goals: Identify your aspirations and set clear, achievable goals. Plant the seeds for what you want to achieve in the upcoming months or years.

Learn and Develop: Invest in learning and personal development. Acquire new skills and knowledge that will lay the foundation for your future endeavors.


2. Summer: Focused Action and Growth

Summer is a time of growth and vibrancy. Similarly, there are phases in life when our productivity surges, and we are motivated to take action. During these times:

Prioritize Tasks: Focus on tasks that align with your goals and priorities. Tackle projects with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose.

Stay Organized: Keep track of your tasks and progress. Utilize tools such as to-do lists, calendars, and project management apps to stay on top of your commitments.

Collaborate and Network: Connect with others who share your interests and goals. Collaboration can amplify your efforts and lead to new opportunities.


3. Autumn: Harvesting and Reflection

Autumn is a season of reaping the rewards of earlier efforts and preparing for the colder months. Similarly, in our journey, there are times for reflection and enjoying the fruits of our labor:

Celebrate Achievements: Take time to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. Reflect on how far you’ve come and the milestones you’ve achieved.

Evaluate and Adjust: Assess your progress and make necessary adjustments. What worked well? What could be improved? Use this information to refine your approach moving forward.

Let Go: Just as trees shed their leaves, consider what no longer serves you. Release tasks, projects, or commitments that no longer align with your goals.


4. Winter: Rest and Renewal

Winter is a season of rest and rejuvenation. Similarly, there are times in life when productivity slows down, and it’s important to recharge:

Practice Self-Care: Prioritize self-care and well-being. Engage in activities that bring you joy, relaxation, and nourishment.

Reflect and Plan: Use this time to reflect on your journey so far and envision the path ahead. Set intentions for the upcoming productive seasons.

Creative Renewal: Give yourself permission to explore new avenues of creativity and innovation. Allow yourself to recharge your creative energy.


Just as the changing seasons in nature offer different opportunities for growth, reflection, and renewal, the seasons of productivity in our life milestones present unique chances for achievement and self-discovery. By recognizing these cycles and adapting our approach accordingly, we can optimize our efforts, avoid burnout, and maintain a balanced and fulfilling life journey. Embrace the natural rhythm of productivity in your life, and you’ll find yourself riding the waves of success with greater clarity and purpose as we create with the seasons though life’s milestones.

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Without fear or favour,

Su Mei




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