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Family/Couple’s Art Therapy

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Transform your family communication and relational connection 

In these specialised sessions, you will be guided by Su Mei who has embarked on her journey as a Clinical Family Therapist, and who has worked as a MST Psychiatric Family Therapist for a year, she will guide your family with the therapeutic power of art which becomes a tool for communication and expression. Using various art materials, clients embark on a shared creative process that deepens their understanding of one another.

This unique form of communication transcends words, enabling couples and families to explore emotions, build trust, and navigate challenges together. We welcome individuals and couples seeking to enhance their relationships, understand their dynamics, or simply engage in a creative and therapeutic experience.

Whether you’re seeking to enrich your relationships, explore art therapy for the first time, or further your relational journey in creating with your family, our Family/Couples Art Therapy sessions and courses offer a unique and powerful pathway to growth, understanding, and connection. Experience the harmony that art therapy can bring to your relationships and unlock a world of creativity and healing.

$290.99 per family (1.5 hour session)

+ travel at same hourly rate (maximum 30 mins)

*tier pricing available, contact us for more information 

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