Arts-Based Supervision

Arts-Based Supervision is a creative and reflective process that taps into the expressive nature of artistic mediums to explore, understand, and navigate professional challenges. Whether you’re an artist, therapist, educator, or any professional seeking a fresh perspective, our approach combines traditional supervision techniques with the transformative impact of visual arts, dance, music, and more.

Why Choose Arts-Based Supervision with Su Mei?

  • Holistic Growth: Our approach recognizes the interconnectedness of professional and personal development, fostering a holistic understanding of oneself and one’s work.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Engage in a process that sparks innovation and creativity, breaking through barriers and inspiring new ways of thinking and problem-solving.
  • Tailored to You: Every individual and group is unique. Our Arts-Based Supervision is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and meaningful experience.
  • Building Community: Foster a sense of community and collaboration among professionals in your field. Our sessions encourage shared experiences, mutual support, and the development of a supportive network.
  • Integration of Expertise: Su Mei’s rich background in architecture, charity work, and diverse art therapeutic experiences, including family therapy and clinical settings, uniquely positions her to offer supervision that seamlessly integrates creativity and systemic knowledge. Engaging with her provides a holistic understanding, blending a diverse “third cultural” world view, for a comprehensive and enriching supervisory experience.
  • NDIS Knowledge: Su Mei’s past roles in Support Coordination, including being a Team Leader of the Disability Team at MacKillop Family Services, gives her sound knowledge of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, equipping her to effectively supervise people in private practice working under the scheme. 
  • Empowering Through Creativity: Su Mei’s passion for the creative arts and extensive training in Art Therapy and Yoga align to create a supervision experience that goes beyond traditional methods. Individuals benefit by tapping into their creative potential, gaining tools to navigate mental health challenges, intellectual diversity, and physical abilities, fostering empowerment through the transformative power of art and yoga.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Art Therapists, Other Therapists and Counsellors: Deepen your therapeutic practice and enhance self-awareness through creative expression.
  • Educators: Integrate arts into your teaching methods, promoting creativity and innovation in the classroom.
  • Leaders and Professionals: Develop leadership skills, explore challenges, and foster a positive workplace culture through arts-based reflection.
  • Peer Mental Health / Disability Workers: Cultivate peer connections, navigate challenges, and foster a supportive community through arts-based reflection.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery

Transform your professional journey with Arts-Based Supervision combined with Business Coaching at Art Tearapy. Embrace creativity, foster self-discovery, and unlock new dimensions of growth. Explore our offerings and start your transformative experience today.

Venue: Hawthorn, Footscray or Online 

*all supervision sessions by Su Mei are currently compliant with ANZACATA’s supervision requirements

Individual Supervision

online or studio

Cost: $150/hour

 Third Culture Creative Collective – Group Supervision 

online or studio

Cost: $50 for 2 hours 

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